Tuesday, February 5, 2008

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The sound of only her footsteps echoed up from the highly polished parquet floor. The security guard sitting by the revolving door looked up and smiled. Everyone else had long since gone, it had been dark outside for hours.

Walking up to his desk, he handed her the keys to her car, valet service had closed hours earlier. She smiled faintly and whispered, “Thank you”, and politely declined to be escorted to her car.

“Please God, please just let me get to my car. Please,” she fervently whispered to herself. “I just need to get to the car and then it will be okay.” Fighting the tears that were rushing to purge forth, “Not yet, not yet.”

The cool air offered a brief respite for the short walk to the car. On any other occasion, it might have been considered a lovely evening. Pushing the unlock button on her key fob, the doors unlocked and she sat in her car…in the dark and let all the tears that her heart could no longer hold back, flow freely for the first time in months.

Looking up at the building from her car, she cried for him. Cried for having to leave him there. And truthfully, cried for herself. It was the only moment of self-pity she’d allow.

It was done. The leap over the precipice into the great unknown had been taken and there was no going back now.

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